Dry dock

While the boat is at sea, the hull is exposed to micro-organisms that proliferate and produce growths and protuberances all over the hull, increasing drag and fuel consumption. Careening includes all those operations of removal, sanding and painting of the affected areas, allowing to obtain a clean and seamless hull.  Marina Nautica Fratelli Galizzi uses state-of-the-art products in this sector, which delay the growth of vegetation on the hull



Hull cleaning

Hull sanding

Antifouling application

Polishing of sides

Hauling – Launch

Using special cranes with a maximum load capacity of 100 tonnes, the boat is hoisted onto the dock and positioned in special supports, allowing our specialists to carry out the various hydro-cleaning, sanding and painting operations on the hull or wintering operations. All this takes place under the safest possible conditions, giving our customers peace of mind;

Parking on the ground

Shipyard Galizzi Brothers  has a very extensive yard where numerous boats can be stored. Here it is possible to carry out maintenance work on the hull or the propellers and rudders, or simply keep the boat dry during the winter. The boat is placed in special supports that sustain 
it at the points of greatest resistance of the hull, so as not to compromise its structural integrity

Osmosis treatment

The hull of a GRP boat can age over the years, losing its strength and watertightness due to the absorption of moisture from outside. The process consists of removing the gel-coat layer from the entire hull and removing various deposits and cracks. The hull then undergoes repeated cycles of cleaning and drying with fresh water, and finally 
various products are applied to fill and apply the new gel-coat.

Shipyard Galizzi brothers uses state-of-the-art products in the sector which allow the care and treatment of osmosis. The treatment is carried out entirely within the marina’s own areas.

Wood Carpentry

The Marina Nautica Galizzi brothers have over a hundred years’ experience on boats made entirely of wood, ranging from the 
construction to the repair of fishing boats, sailing ships etc. The company has a carpentry shop where they carry out woodwork repairs on all kinds of wooden boats. Work carried out by master carpenters enables the restoration of old vessels, increasing their commercial 
value considerably.